How to Increase Range and Accuracy of Airsoft Gun

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Airsoft games are more fun when you have the upper hand, as it enables you to outfox and outgun any rival team you come up against. In addition to putting in hours of practice, you need to keep your weapons in great shape. You want a rifle that enables you to take well-calculated shots from a long distance.

To achieve such a feat, it’s crucial that you eliminate guesswork when taking a shot. You want to be sure that your shot will hit the target when you have a rival in your cross-hairs. That calls for you to improve the range and accuracy of your rifle.

However, ramping up the accuracy and range of your rifle isn’t a simple and straightforward process. Instead, it’s a culmination of a series of simple steps that revolve around keeping your gun in excellent shape.

Read on to discover how to increase range and accuracy of Airsoft gun and obliterate your rival teams.

Use Superior Ammunition

Being picky with your ammunition is the simplest way to improve your ability to hit your targets from longer distances. Quality ammo delivers predictable and consistent results each time, since it is free from irregularities and imperfections. Imperfections make BBs more susceptible to wind and air resistance, throwing off your aim and causing you to miss your targets. Cheap ammo might seem like a bargain, but it will only serve to ruin your experience.

Again, using heavier ammo also helps to increase accuracy when hitting targets that are farther away. Heavier BBs, 0.25g and higher, hold well against light obstacles such as branches and trees and aren’t swept off course by the wind. Using BBs that are 0.25 grams or higher in outdoor sessions with an engagement range of up to 200 feet enhances accuracy. However, only use 0.30g BBs with high-velocity guns as that lets you hit targets that are more than 250 feet away.

Ramp Up Your Barrel Care Routine

Cleaning your gun’s barrel is another incredibly simple way to increase the accuracy of your shots. You BBs need a clear path from the time they leave the magazine, travel down the barrel of your gun, and out of the muzzle. The presence of microscopic particles in the barrel is enough to throw off your aim.

Dust and debris accumulate in gun barrels, especially when you don’t keep then in gun cases. Residuals from gases or BBs can also clog the barrel. Cleaning your gun before game day prevents these particles from causing you to shoot off-center. A barrel cleaning rod and wipes help keep your gun’s barrel clean and free of debris.

Learn To Work The Hop-up

The hop-up affects both the accuracy and the range of your shots. Turning off the hop-up decreases the range while turning it all the way up increases the shooting distance but throws off your aim. Experiment with the different settings until you strike a balance between the range and accuracy of your shots. Opt for the setting that lets your shots overcome the Magnus Effect to keep your shots on a straight flat path.

Naturally, your accuracy and range will increase when working with high-end hop-up parts. The conditions in which you’re playing affect the functioning of the bucking since they are made of rubber. You might have to adjust the hop-up setting as you play since the vibration of the barrel can cause it to dislodge.

Stabilize The Inner Barrel

The gearbox on your airsoft rifle is turbulent; that’s just how rifle mechanisms work. As you engage the gearbox, it will continually rattle the hop-up chamber. The rattling not only affects the hop-up position but also causes the muzzle to wobble as well. A wobbly muzzle throws your shots off-course to ruin your accuracy – you certainly don’t want that to happen.

The choice of barrel stabilization method comes down to the rifle’s make and model. Airsoft guns are comprised of two barrels – an inner barrel and an outer barrel. The inner barrel is housed inside the outer one and often has a small play.

This movement might be negligible over small distances but can throw off your aim over longer shots. As such, it’s crucial that you eliminate any unnecessary barrel movement in your rifle for better shots.  You can opt for ready-made barrel stabilizers or can opt down the DIY path if you have the necessary skills.

Upgrade Your Inner Barrel

A smooth barrel surface is essential to your ability to make accurate shots. Any dents, scratches – imperfections on the inner barrel’s surface spells a disaster. Regular barrel polish removes these scratches and blemishes. However, if the barrel suffers extensive damage, you might need to upgrade or replace it.

However, don’t be too quick to increase your barrel length or width without understanding how each of these factors affects your performance. A rule of thumb is that inner barrel length increments under 100 mm don’t make much of a difference in your rifle’s accuracy.

On the other hand, getting a smaller bore barrel can help improve your accuracy as well as increase the FPS but won’t do much to increase the range.

Work Towards Consistent Performance

Variance is your enemy when looking to increase the range and accuracy of your airsoft gun. Ideally, making consistent shots is a combination of three factors – consistency, barrel, and hop-up. For instance, a high FPS variation between shots means that some of your shots are more powerful than others. It also means that the spin pattern varies between the shots as well. To counteract such an issue, you need a rifle with a quality gearbox that is well lubricated to deliver a steady airflow.

A smooth inner barrel ensures that your BBs don’t lose any velocity as they take to flight. A quality hop-up, on the other hand, applies a significant amount of backspin to the BB as it leaves the gun’s barrel. The added backspin provides the necessary momentum the BB needs to overcome the force of gravity. A combination of these developments ensures that each shot travels along a well defined and predictable path.


From this guide that details how to increase range and accuracy of airsoft gun you can tell that you don’t need to burn through a stack of money to get the best performance. You can push the upper limits of your gun by merely doubling down on proper care and maintenance. A little modification may drive your performance over the top, but it isn’t an absolute necessity.

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